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ABC Album

The scrapbook ABC album... what else can you say about them other than 'You pick a topic or theme and you create a layout or page for each letter of the alphabet' It really is as simple as that. I actually have not yet attempted to make one yet... maybe the 26 pages of effort required that has so far put me off, It took me a couple of years to create 26+ pages in my own scrapbook album so I can only imagine how long an ABC would take me - lol.

I am definitely much better with mini albums though so i reckon I wouldn't do too badly as long as it is no bigger than a 6"x6". An option to consider  of course is to get together with a group of 26 and organise  a SWAP. That way you will only have to create the one layout (hopefully with a letter with lotsa potential) and replicate it 26 times. Beware, swaps are not for the faint hearted and only serious contenders should consider hosting or taking part in one.

If you would are considering an ABC album the check out some of the lists below sorted by topic or theme...so far I have only compiled a few including the one for Christmas since it is currently the season to be jolly...beware some of the Kiwiana words...i couldn't resist.

These ABC lists are excellent for page toppers and titles. Random words scattered through an album or layout would be great too.

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