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Love ABCs

These love abcs are perfect for a Valentines mini album or similar gift idea. You might also grab a few words or phrases for a wedding album.

Pick a mini album to make for your Love ABCs.


A - Admire, adore, affection, all yours, alluring, always, amazing, amore, anniversary, arresting

B - Bad times, be mine us, beauty, better half, bliss, boldly, boyfriend

C - Cherish, completely, carressing, crazy about you, crazy in love, cuddle, cupid’s arrow, cutie pie

D - Darling, dearest, dedication, deep love, delight, desire, devotion, dream

E - Embrace, enchanted, endless, endless love, enjoy, eternal, eternity, everything

F - Faithful, falling for you, favourite, first kiss, flirt, flirtatious, flutter, forever, fun, funny valentine

G - Genuine, girlfriend, giving, good times

H - happiness, happy, hard times, heart, heart to heart, hers, his, hold me, holding hands, honour, hopelessly in love, hug

I - I love you, in love, instinctively, intensely, intuitively

J - Joy, journey, jumping

K - Kindred spirits, kindly, kiss

L - laugh, Life long, lifetime, love, love letters, love notes, lucky

M - Mad about you, memories, mesmerizing, mine, miss you, moments, my valentine

N - Neverending

O - One and only, oneness, one heart, one mind, only one, other half

P - Passion, perfect, promise, pursue

Q - Quiet love, quickly beating heart, quest

R - Respond, respect, romance

S - s.w.a.k, secret love, sentiments, slow, smitten, smooch, softly, soul mate, special, spiritual, sweet, sweetheart

T - Tenderness, this kiss, thrills me, through thick and thin, together, touch, truly madly deeply, trust, true

U - Unconditional, underlying, understanding, unforgettable, us

V - Valentine, vivacious

W - Want, wait, willing, wish, with all my heart,

X - Xoxo

Y - You complete me, yours truly, yearning, yeild

Z - zing, zealous, zestful


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