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Coffee Filter Album Instructions

Grab some coffee filters and use these coffee filter album instructions to whip up a quick and easy scrapbook project. We will use ordinary every day coffee filters that can pick up from any supermarket store. I purchased my packet of filters from a 2nd hand store for the bargain price of 50c while on holiday.

A coffee filter album is very similar to a paper bag album in that each filter used creates a pocket to hide extra tags or memorabilia. Coffee filters are pretty thin so I try to use cardstock or patterned card to cover it rather than thinner patterned paper.


Assemble the album

1.  Take five coffee filters

coffee filter album instructions
2. Trace the front and back panels of each filter on to patterned scrapbook paper or cardstock and cut them out. Most filters are not symmetrical so be sure to trace the right side. You should have 10 panels, 2 for each filter. coffee filter album instructions
3. Adhere the front and back panels to each of the filters. You may wish to embellish each piece first or you may embellish after you have glued / taped the panels on. coffee filter album instructions
4. Score a fold along the dotted line approximately 3/4" to 1" in from the side to form the spine.  Repeat for each of the covered filters.


To Bind the album

At this point you can bind your album in a number of ways including hand or machine stitching along the fold, blanket stitch along the fold, use brads,  set eyelets, punch two or three holes and bind with ribbon, fibres, book rings or a combinations of all three.

coffee filter album instructions
5.  Trim 5 tags small enough to fit into each of the five pockets formed by the coffee filters. Embellish the tags and slip them into the pockets of your completed album. Note that these tags don't necessarily have to be the same shape as the filters. rectangular, round or any other shape tags will do just fine.


coffee filter album instructions


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