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Make a Scrapbook Calendar

Making a scrapbook calendar is a great project that you can share with your children.  They make wonderful presents for friends and family around Christmas time as a new year will be only a few days after..

Traditionally when you think of a yearly calendar the following four types of calendars come to mind

my own calendar i made.You can purchase any of these items cheap from a dollar store and alter them to create a handmade calendar with just a few scrapbook supplies, a photograph, and a little creative energy.   You can cover a wall calendar with a scrapbook inspired layout; Turn a small mini album into a pocket calendar; Print a pocket calendar onto your favourite family photo to keep in your wallet or to stick to your fridge.

See our printable calendars for 2010 and 2011 below.

Scrapbook Calendar Instructions  and examples

How to make a perpetual calendar  ***new***
Check out this great new tutorial to make a wooden block calendar. A great gift idea that can be given all year round.



chipboard scrapbook calendar
Make a Calendar from Chipboard
Make a chipboard gift calendar for 2008 and now 2009- includes a template pattern to make the stand.



Paper bag album calendar  
A small calendar made with paper bag albums for your desktop. Paint the bags and print the calendar... you're half way there already.



Kelly's very cool chipboard and clear overlay calendar

This great little mini calendar is definitely a must see.
Made with a combination of chipboard pages and transparency sheets and bound with a couple of biding rings. A great one of a kind piece.

Making Calendars from cardboard

A fabulous little calendar to sit on your desk at work or at home. Chop up those company calendar pads or roladex calendars and put them to good use.

Make a scrapbook calendar from scratch

You can even create one from scratch from your stash of scrapbooking supplies and a base made from either cardstock, chipboard, acrylic or some other medium. Take a look at this short list of items you can use as a base for your calendar.

Calendar templates

2008 calendarYou can search the internet for one of the many, freely available printable calendar templates. Simply find one that you like and print it.

I have made a couple of templates that can be used in a number of different ways.

Download your free 2011 Calendar Template A4 (511kb)

Download your free 2011 Calendar Template 12"x12" (447)

Download your free 2010 Calendar Template A4 (599kb)

Download your free 2010 Calendar Template 12"x12" (457 kb)

Made by you

Some handmade calendar submissions from readers and crafters around the world. Submit your calendar creation to the gallery to inspire others.

Altered Family Calendar


Last thoughts

Why not think of some personal goals you might want to achieve in the next year and scrap them into your own calendar. It can serve as a creative reminder to help you achieve them through the year. 

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