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How To Make a CD Mini Album

Make a CD Mini Album from recycled CDs and DVDs. We have some great projects that utilize a very readily available product and some of them are environmentally friendly too. How can you go wrong.  So check out our CD scrapbooking projects and give them a try yourself. You'll be amazed at what you create.

CD Scrapbooking Tutorials 

basic cd mini album

Basic CD Mini Scrapbook
The most basic of CD minis. Take a bunch of reclaimed CDs, slap on some pretty scrapbooking papers, photos and an embellishment here and there. Punch a hole, add a book ring and wallah! One CD Mini Album.

cd tin scrapbook mini album

CD Tin Scrapbook   **new**
CD tins are fabulous for creating one of a kind mini album keepsakes. Make a simple accordion or concertina folding album pop it inside. Your photos will be protected inside the tin casing that is oh so trendy.

CD Cover Mini Album

CD Holder Mini Album
Turn those old cardboard cd holders and cd mailers into your next mini scrapbook project. Add a piece of cardstock to extend the number of pages it holds. Contains pockets for tags, mementos and other scrapbooking treats.

Basic CD Mini Album

cd mini album materialsMaterials

Step by Step Directions

Step one

Trace the shape of the cd on to the back of your cardstock or patterned papers and cut them out with a pair of scissors. Alternatively you can place the CD onto the cardstock and use your craft knife to cut around the edge. Cut enough to cover both sides of each CD.

Don't worry if there is a little overhang. We will fix that up with a bit of sandpaper later on.

cd mini album - trace the cd shape onto paper

Step two

Spread some glue onto the face of the CD. Be sure to spread it evenly over the entire CD (I haven't done this in this image below but make sure you do)

cd mini album - spread on some glue

Step three

Adhere the cardstock to your CD and leave it to dry. Repeat for the remaining CD's

cd mini album - stick it together

Step four

Trim of any overhanging edges with a craft knife and smooth off the edges with a pieces of sand paper. You can ink your edges if you wish.

cd mini album - sand off the edges

Step five

Once the CDs have completely dried, punch a hole through each one approximately 1/2" in from the edge.

cd mini album - punch a hole

Step six

Embellish your CDs and slip them onto the book ring. Tie a few short lengths of  ribbon on to the book rings to jazz them up a little. Note that I have covered one of the CDs entirely with one 5"x7" photo and trimmed the edges.

cd mini album - stick it all together

Hints and Tips

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