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Scrapbook kits

If you're not sure what papers and embellishments will look good together scrapbook kits might be the way to go.

Supplier Kits

Suppliers provide a range of kits which you can buy from your local scrapbook store. There are paper packs and embellishment kits that all co-ordinate well
You can also purchase mini album kits like the basic grey match book kit which provides paper and some cut-outs to create a small match book album very cute.

Online Scrapbooking Kit Stores
These days there are several online stores with great design teams that will put together gorgeous kits or collections of products that are usually available on a monthly basis. You can buy a 3-12 month subscription or you can buy a one off kit with no obligation. There are lots ofl benefits that go with a kit (in my opinion) and im yet to find any negative points that I haven't been able to put a positive spin on.

Here are a few good reasons to give scrapbook kits a go.

Value for money - kits are usually sold at around $5-$10 less than retail value. Saving money is always a bonus (especially with our sometimes expensive hobby) Also, often if you purchase a subsription you wil receive the 3rd or 6th kit at a reduced rate and sometimes the 12th kit will be free.

Latest Products - Monthly kits are put together with the latest products on the market.

Experienced designers - you can be guarantee that your kit has been put together by a group of experienced designers.

The challenge - You are often taken outside of your comfort zone. If the choice were up to you, you would probably stick to buying patterned paper and embellishments similar to those that you always tend to use. This way you a forced to explore different avenues.

Easy shopping - No thought process, no ummmming ad ahhhhing, struggling to select the right paper. You have to make do with what you get. You can also shop from the comfort of your own home.

Online gallery - This has got to be my favourite feature of an online scrapbook kit store. There is almost always a gallery dedicated to the kit of the month that you can take advantage of. Post your own creations to the gallery or browse it for inspiration since each layout or project will incorporate products from the kit which you have!

Surprise factor - everybody loves a surprise. Of course you take the risk that you may not like what you get but again that just adds to the challenge and helps you evolve as a scrapper.

Build up your supplies - As they say 'she who has the most supplies WINS'  Kits are a great way to regularly add to your cache of papers and embellishments - unless of course you manage to scrap every piece in your kit...

So if you think a scrapbook kit might be the way to go then give it a try. I did.


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