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Altered Books

Altered art is a very popular craft form all on its own and making altered books are right up there at the top. I guess it is only natural that scrapbook makers will want to adopt this concept and make their own, throw in some family photos and you now have altered scrapbooking.

There are a million websites that go into the how to and why's of altered books so I will just leave that up to the experts like David and Maria from Altered Art. I just wanted to touch lightly on the topic. To be honest some altered book art tends to freak me out a little. Some seem so deep and intense and almost...dark but then self expression often is. I am more partial to the idea of using an old book to chop up and covering it with photos and pretty pink papers - nice and fluffy.

Altered book supplies

The supplies you need for an altered scrapbook are pretty much the same as what you would use to make any other mini album. Glue, Scissors, craft knife, Ruler, Stamps, inks, paint and the usual bits and pieces. Don't forget the Book! You can use any sort of book, Hard back, Paper back, Composition book, Children's board books, those little mini gift books. Poetry and inspirational books seem to be popular since you can cover the pages with paper and stuff but still leave some of the better poems uncovered. Pick up some old used books from garage sales and other markets if you're not keen on ruining your own precious collection.

Baby memory book of firsts

This little album was created for my niece who is expecting her first baby after years of miscarriages. I wanted to create a little book of firsts to help her...

Make an altered Board Book
Instructions to make an mini album from a childs board book

Making Altered books

Once you have your book and supplies it is simply a matter of getting creative and embellishing as you would a blank mini album. Rip out some pages, leave some as they are, give it a lick of paint,  stick some patterned paper here, slap a photo there, splash some pretties everywhere....you get the idea.  You might end up with a journal to record your life, a recipe book, an altered book shrine or a mini album scrapbook for a small child. What ever you end up with it will be worth the effort so give altered art books a go.

Altered Book Techniques

A few basic techniques used to alter books include but are by no means limited to:


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