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Acrylic Scrapbook Mini Album

How to make a clear scrapbook mini album

a clear acrylic scrapbook mini album


An acrylic mini album is quite simply an album or altered book made from clear transparent acrylic sheets that have been trimmed down to size. The most popular method for binding acrylic albums is with binder rings. Holes are punched down the sides and the book is bound together with 2 or three loose leaf binder rings.

Acrylic, otherwise known as...

You may come across similar products with names like  Polycast, Lucite, Plexiglass and perspex.  While there are some differences in properties they are all pretty much a variation on the same product. For our purposes as scrappers all we need to know is that they are a tough often transparent material that have the potential to make fantastic mini albums.

scrapbook mini album

You can also purchase book binding covers from your stationary store although these are quite thin and can sometimes buckle.

It's a clear mini album

Take full advantage of the transparency that an acrylic album offers. Don't be tempted to cover it up with patterned paper.



Acrylic Minis

scrapbook mini album Kim Fox plexi-glass mini album

Made with for her son Kyler

acrylic mini book Me and you clear acrylic mini book

Me, Akw, stamping, bling all wrapped up in this fab green mini.

baby scrapbook Baby scrapbook mini album

A blank clear mini book with a gorgeous baby girl in mind

clear mini album Cascading clear mini album

A waterfall type mini book made with thin clear sheets and book rings to bind it.


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