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Girl ABCs

For that special little princess in your life check out these scrapbooking girl abcs.  Use any friends or important relatives, any pets, hobbies or favourite activities. Use favourite anythings (eg food, colour, song, lolly or candy etc)

Pick an album to make for your girl ABCs.

A - Adorable, amazing, angel, art n craft, attitude

B - Baby sitting, ballerina, bathing beauty, beautiful, best friends, bikini, bling, bloom and grow, board games, books, boss, boy crazy, butterflies, barbie

C - Candy floss, carefree, caring, charming, chatterbox, cheeky, cherish, chicky babe, chocolate, crazy, cuddle, curls, cutie pie, colouring in

D - Daddys girl, dancing, darling, daughter, daughter, delightful, diva, doll house, dolls, dolls, dolls, dolls , dora the explorer, drama queen, dress ups, dresses, drop your lip

E - Emotional, enthusiastic, ear-rings, ear-piercing

F - Family, fashion, fiends, flowers, freckles, fun in the sun

G - Garden helper, genuine, giggles, girl guides, girl scouts, girl talk, girlfriends, girlie girl, glamorous, gorgeous, gossip, grand-daughter, groovy, grow

H - Hair, happy, heartbreaker, hip chick, holidays, huggable, hugs

I - Ice cream, imaginative, imagine, innocent, inquisitive

J - Jewellery, jump rope, just smile

K - Kittens, knitting, kites

L - Lady muck, laughter, learning, lip gloss, lovable

M - Make believe, mummies and daddies

N - Naughty, nice, nosey

O - Outspoken, outstanding

P - Party, pen pal, pets, pigtails, pillow fights, pink, play, play house, poetry, pouting, pretties, princess, puppies, parks

Q - Queen, questions

R - Ribbons, rock chicks, rock star

S - Sassy, school, secrets, serious, shopping, silly, sing, sister, skipping, sleep overs, sleeping beauty, smart, smell sweet, smiles, spoiled, spunky, stubborn, sugar and spice, sweet, sweetheart

T - Tea party, tomboy, toys

U - Unforgettable, unique

V - Vacation, vain, very ….., vintage, vixen

W - Whateva, wild at heart, wonderful

X - Xtra special…., xxx's and ooo's

Y - Yellow, you go girl, young at heart, youth

Z - Zany, zoo, zzzzzzzz

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