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Chipboard scrapbooking album

'A great product for a scrapbooking album'

Chipboard or book board is a very flexible medium for making mini albums and would have to be my favourite to work with. It is quite sturdy and can be trimmed down to any shape that you want which makes it great for making cool shaped mini albums other than the regular square or rectangular mini albums which are so common. Shape it into a purse or handbag, a heart, a circular album, a word or whatever takes your fancy.

You can purchase chipboard sheets from your local scrapbook or craft store. It is usually a kind of funny grey colour or maybe a light tan colour.  If you like you can use the board from your left over cereal boxes which are completely free.

Tips for working with chipboard

  1. When wallpapering your chipboard pages with scrapbooking paper and a liquid medium like white glue or mod podge. Be sure to apply the and spread the adhesive with a foam brush starting from the center using outward strokes.
  2. Use the thickest chipboard you have for firm extra strong album covers.
  3. Thin chipboard is great for inner pages. Cover them with scrapbooking cardstock or patterned card for a firmer page.
  4. Painting your chipboard is a great alternative to covering it with scrapbook papers. You can buy special scrapbooking acrylic paints which contain less water than regular acrylic paints. Less water in the paint means the chipboard will not warp and buckle as much when painted.  So if you can afford to buy them you should.
  5. A scrapbooking album with strong chipboard covers and bazzill cardstock pages are quick and easy to create.
  6. Matt-board from your local picture framers is a good source of cheap material to make mini books and they are  acid free. Just ask for their cutoffs, they might even give them to you for free.

Chipboard mini album tutorials

Word or Name Mini album
Transform several pieces of ordinary chipboard or bookboard and a couple of book binding rings into a mini album word or name.

We'll show you how to make a 'BABY' mini book and you will be making up your own word books in no time at all

staggered chipboard scrapbook tutorial
Staggered Chipboard Scrapbook Instructions

This chipboard mini scrapbook is made with layered pages each increasing in length by a measured amount. You can easily adjust the page sizes to suit your own purpose. Great for a quick yet impressive gift..

Irregular Chipboard Mini Album

This chipboard mini album can be hinged on both sides with book rings or something like ribbon. It is very different to your regular shaped mini book and yet at the same time similar. Give it a try and see for yourself.

Keyring mini album
An extra small mini album to attach to your keyring, purse, bag or mobile phone.


Free Chipboard Mini Album Templates

halloween mini album template
Printable Halloween Mini Album Template

For a free printable five page mini Halloween scrapbook template please click on the following link.

     Halloween mini scrapbook template (pdf file)


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