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Make a Flag Book Tutorial

A flag book is a funky mini album to make. Artists actually create noteworthy pieces for exhibitions and stuff... We have a put together some easy to follow instructions to make a 3 layered flag book (at least I hope they're easy to follow - let me know via the contact form if it is not so simple to make)

Note that the pages (or flags) on this album are only 4 3/8" x  2 " which is quite small. You might be hard pressed to fit photos on each of the pages, see the hints below for some useful ideas for this size mini. I am going to use this book as an ABC album for my daughter. She will cut out pictures and paste them into the book.

Experiment with size

A 5"x8" book would be a great size for a photo mini album. With two layers of flags your pages will be around 5"x4" in size which would be great to work with. Experiment with the size of your mini albums and find something to suit your needs.


Step by Step Directions

Prepare the covers

flag book directionsStep one

Take  One of the chipboard covers and one of the 5½" x 7½" patterned papers.  Adhere the chipboard cover to the center of the patterned paper with a glue stick.

flag book directions

Step two

Miter the corners of the scrapbook paper  with a craft knife.

flag book directionsflag mini scrapbook directionsStep three

Score along the fold lines of the side flaps with a bone folder or simply use your finger nail. Then adhere the flaps down with a glues stick.

Repeat for the second cover and set both covers aside for the moment.

Making the spine of the book

flag book directionsStep four

Take the strip of 6"x"6" card stock and score a vertical fold line every ½" along the length.

Fold the strip  of paper accordion style until you form the spine of the album as per the picture here.

flag book directionsStep five

Adhere the spine to the front cover as pictured here.

Take note that the valley cover is attached to the valley fold of the accordion spine.

flag mini book directionsStep six

Take one of the 5½" x 7½" coordinating paper pieces and adhere it to the inside cover.



flag book directionsStep seven

Repeat steps five and six to adhere the back cover to the book spine.

You should have something that looks something like this.

Attaching the Flag Pages

flag book mini album directionsStep eight

Stick your pages to the spine. The pages on the top and the bottom will be attached to the left sides of each accordion fold

Note. I used double sided tape to adhere the flags, it was a bit tidier than glue.

flag book directionsStep nine

The middle pages will be attached to the right side of each accordion fold.

flag book directionsStep ten

Attach all the pages or flags until you have used all 15. There should be 5 flags on each row.

Embellish your flag book as you wish.

Hints and Tips

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