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Birthday ABCs

Birthday ABCs for children - some can be used for adults. Keep in mind the signs of the zodiac, birthstones and flowers. Your scrapbooking project will look fantastic with these final touches.

Don't forget you can use games played, best friends, gifts received, party food and colour scheme or party theme as well.

Pick an album to make for your birthday ABCs.

A - Activities, aging, anniversary, annual, another year older, aunts

B - Baloons, birthday boy, birthday birthday, birthstone, blow out candles, blowers, bows, buddies

C - Cake, candles, candy, cards, celebrate, cherios, clowns, confetti, cut the cake, cousins

D - Dancing, decorations, dessert, dress up

E - Eat cake, enjoy, excitement

F - Face painting, fairies, family, favors, festive, food, for someone special, friends, fun

G - Games, gifts, good times

H - Happy birthday, hats

I - Ice-cream, icing, invitations

J - Just for you

K - Kids, kites 

L - Lets party, lollies

M - Make a wish, mates, music

N - Name day, noisy kids

O - Opening presents

P - Party, pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, pinata, pirates, presents, punch

Q - Quiet time

R - Ribbons

S - Snacks, special day, streamers, surprise, sweet sixteen

T - Terrific, thimble, toys

U - U r invited, uncles

V - Very special day

W - Wish, wrapping paper

X - X-citement, xtra special day

Y - Year older, young, you're special day, yummy cake, yummy food, youth

Z - Zany cards, zodiac sign

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