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How To Make a Gatefold Mini Scrapbook

The gatefold mini scrapbook is yet another mini scrapbook being made at the moment and is growing in popularity.

They are unique in that they have two spines that open from both sides. The pages and vary in size (both width and height) so they are fun to experiment with.

This tutorial was written by another fellow scrapper Maria Holder.


Step by Step Directions

Step One

Cover the front and back chipboard album covers with the patterned papers, paper, mitering the corners for a clean finish.


Step Two

Create the two accordion spines from the 4" x 5 1/4" cardstock pieces scoring and folding at 1/2" increments across

Gatefold Mini Scrapbook - spine  Gatefold Mini Scrapbook

Step three

Take one of the accordion folded spines Line it up with the left edge of the inside of the back cover and adhere it with glue or tape starting with valley fold as per the picture below ( V - valley fold).

Gatefold Mini Scrapbook - add the spines
Accordion spines adhered to back cover

Glue the other end of the spine to the inside of the left front cover. Also glue the outside accordion folds together -  this will create a sturdy spine that will assist to keep the pages neatly in place. Repeat for the right hand spine and cover.

Gatefold Mini Scrapbook - covers
Both covers attached by accordion spines

To increase the number of pages to be included in the mini book, extend the length of the albums spine and fold 2 extra pleats for each page added.

Gatefold Mini Scrapbook - close up of spine
The back of the accordion folds glued together

Step Four

Take the two 5" x 5 3/4" paper inserts and adhere them to the inside of the front covers over the top of the accordion fold edge.

Do the same with the 5" x 5 3/4" piece of patterned paper and glue to the inside back cover.

Step Five

 Round off the two end corners for each of the six flaps and adhere the square end to the book spine spacing them out evenly.

Gatefold Mini album

Embellish your mini books pages and covers however you choose.


Gatefold Mini Scrapbook - the finished album

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