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Christmas ABCs

Well the Christmas abcs was pretty easy to find a bunch of words for, especially when you have a copy of the latest Nov/Dec scrapbooking magazines. A quick flick through Creating Keepsakes and the xmas words keep coming. Wikipedia is also a fantastic source. This supply should keep your mini book going.

A - Angels, Advent calendar, amaryllis, advent candle, animals, assembling, angel, apple pie, aromas, aunties

B - Bells, boxes, boxing day, believe, baking, baby, baby's first Christmas, boughs of holly, bows, birth of Jesus

C - Cookies, candles, candy, chimney, chestnuts, carols, carolers, , cards, coal

D - Drum, dinner, decoration, donkey, dream, donation, delight, dolls, dessert

E - eve, elves, evergreen tree, egg-nog, eating

F - Frankincense, family, friends, Fun, Fireplace, Fruitcake, Frosty the Snowman, food, festive

G - Gold, Garland, Gingerbread cookies, Giving, Grandparents, Grandkids, Grandpas lap, gifts, gathering, guests, the Grinch, gift wrap

H - Ho ho ho, holidays, holly, home, happy holidays, harp, Hangi (lol)

I - ice skating, icicles, icing, ivy

J - Jesus, jingle, jolly, Joy, Joseph

K - Kings, keepsakes, kisses, Kindness, Kris Kringle, kids

L - Lights, laughter, liveliness , letter to Santa, letters

M - Mistletoe, myrrh, merry, magic, mouse, mittens, Midnight Mass, morning, memories, manger, Mary

N - Noel, nutcracker, nieces, nephews, naughty, nice, night before Christmas, nativity scene

O - Ornaments, opening gifts. overwhelmed

P - Poinsetta, Pohutukawa, pinetree, presents, popcorn, partridge in a pear tree, patience

Q - Quilts, quiet

R - Reindeer, relax, relatives, ribbons, red, reading, Rudolph

S - Santa, sleigh, surprises, snowmen, stories, secret Santa, skating, stockings, shopping, snow, shepherds, stable, silver, special, stars

T - Tree, trimmings, tinsel, toys, tradition, twelfth night, Twelve days of Christmas, three wise men, turkey

U - Unity, under the tree, Us (family), Uncles

V - Visitors, vacation, very special, very ......

W - Wish, wreath, waiting, wrapping paper, winter wonderland, wise men, winter solstice,

X - xlophone, xtra special, x-traordinary

Y - Yule, Yule log, Yule-tide, year in review,

Z - z-z-z-z-z- (kids sleeping), zealous

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