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Star Album Instructions

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star album

Star albums are awesome mini albums that open up into a star shape that you can open and display nicely on your mantle. If you add a ribbon closure it will sit nicely and makes a great talking piece around the coffee table. They are heaps of fun to make as well but they can  take up a fair bit of of your cardstock and patterned paper so make sure you have plenty before you get started.


1.  Trim 6 sets of the following 3 pieces and fold each piece in half as shown in the diagram star album instructions 1
2.  Embellish the Front pages with photos and embellishments as desired


4. Once your pages are embellished then you may begin to assemble the album. Run some wide double tape along the two sides of the back page.

star album instructions 2 - embellish
5. Carefully adhere the middle page to the back page as shown in the diagram


6. Repeat for each set.

star album instructions 3 - stick it down
7. Now repeat steps 4 through to 6, this time sticking the front pages to the middle pages. star album instructions 4
8.  Once all 6 sets have been assembled, adhere each set to the next using strong wide (1/2") tape.



star album instructions 5
Make sure you DO NOT stick the Front cover to the Back cover. star album instructions 6
9. Once all 6 sets have been assembled, trim 2 pieces of cardstock for the front and back cover panels and decorate each panel as desired.


10.  attach one length of ribbon to the front cover so that it is hanging over the edge. attach the Front cover panel to the front cover securing the ribbon in place.

Repeat for the back cover


star album instructions 7

Done. Your finished album should look something like this. completed star album


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