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Minis albums For Beginner Scrapbooking Enthusiasts

Are you a beginner to scrapbooking? If you are very, very new to making mini albums and scrapbooking in general but are eager to give one of the mini album tutorials found on this website a go. You might find it a good idea to try putting together one of these easy peasy mini books.

While all of the projects and tutorials found here on Scrapbook-Crazy.com are very user friendly and easy to follow, the following projects use a minimal amount of supplies with very simple techniques that anyone will feel comfortable using and you will very likely to have the materials we will be using lying around your house so you might not need to purchase a single thing to get started.

When you feel a little more comfortable with some of the techniques you can move on to some of the more trickier mini albums. I promise you it won't take you long at all to master mini album making.

On the flip side... If you are already an expert you will still find value in these mini's. Make a quick gift or card for a friend or a mini brag book for a new baby... The sky is the limit.


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