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Dog ABCs

For all those dog lovers, here is a list of dog ABCs.  There may be a few missing but i will update asap.  Any of these phrases will be great to use for page toppers and titles, even scatter a handful of random words through your scrapbooking pages.

Pick an album to make for your Dog ABCs.

A - A dogs life, adorable, animal lover

B - Bad, ball, bark, beg, best friend, bone, bow-wow, boy, best in show

C - Canine, catch, chase, chew, chow, cold nose, warm heart, companion

D - Devotion, dig, din-din, dirty, dog, dog gone it, doggy treats, doghouse

E - Eating, eat shoes

F - Faithful, fetch, fido, fire hydrant, Frisbee, frisky, furry

G - Girl, good, groom, growl, guard dog

H - Hairy, handbag dog, home is where the dog is, hot dogs, hunt

I - I love dogs

J - Jump

K - Kibble, kiss

L - Lap dog, lick, lovable, loyal, leash

M - Misbehaving, miss behaving, mongrel, mutt

N - Newspaper, no!

O - Oversized

P - Pal, pant, pedigree, play, play catch, pooch, proud, puppy love, puppy love, purebred

Q - Quick, quiet

R - Roll over, ruff, run

S - Scratch, shoe, sit, slipper, sniff, spoiled, stay, swim, squeaky toy

T - Top dog, top dog, toys, tricks

U - Undersized

V - Vet visits

W - Walk, whine, woof

X - Xtra special

Y - Yip

Z - Z

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