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Easy Matchbook Album Instructions

These matchbook album instructions are modelled after those older style matchbooks you used to get when you were a kid. The ones that were available before they were eventually superceded by matchboxes and cigarette lighters.  They are a quick and funky mini album project with very little materials required - paper and a stapler. Try making smaller matchbook folds to use on 12"x12" layouts to hold journaling and/or a photo.


To make this basic matchbook album you will need:
- 1 strip of 12"x4.5" card stock for the album cover (double sided patterned card is awesome for this cover)
- 4 - 8 pieces of 4.5"x5" for the pages of the album
- Stapler and staples
- patterned paper + embellishments to decorate

The final product will have up to 8 pages and will measure approx 5.25"x4"

Putting the mini album together

Trim a strip of cardstock 4.5"x 12" long. This will form the outer cover for the album so ensure it is firm card. Double sided patterned cardstock is good to use.

matchbook cardstock strip 12"x4.5"

Measure from the left hand side 1½", score it and fold the flap in towards the centre.

matchbook cover folding

From this fold measure another 5¼", score and fold again. From the opposite end measure 5", score and fold. This should give you a ¼" gutter at the bottom.

matchbook cover folding

Now cut 4-8 pages from cardstock. They should each measure 5"x4.5". At this stage I find it easier to embellish the pages now before we assemble the matchbook and bid it together.

folded matchbook and pages.

Open up the album cover.

unfolded matchbook cover

Place the pages, one on top of the other inside the matchbook with the edges flush against the first left hand fold as pictured below.
matchbook with pages
Fold the 1½" flap over the pages and staple in the centre
stapled matchbook

Fold the 5" flap over and tuck under the 1½" flap. All done

assembled matchbook album

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