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How to Make a Summer Mini Album

Fun in the sun summer mini album. Barbecues, the beach, surf, sand, there's nothing better than a hot summer. I'm thinking layouts with lots of cool aqua blues and bright yellows with some orange splashed around here and there. Yep I sure do love summer. Check out these summer mini album ideas.

Make a shaped Mini summer Album

Try mini albums shaped like a beach bag or a surfboard maybe even a pair of those rubber sandal type things you wear on your feet. You call them Flip flops or Thongs, but I still call them Jandals ;-)

Taking summer photos

Take heaps of pictures of all things summer!!

Summer activities:

What are the best summer activities: swimming, hiking, boating, sun bathing, eating!!

At the beach:

If you're lucky enough to be near a beach then you ought to have a ton of beach photos. I wish I were so lucky...sigh... Don't forget to write your name in the sand or maybe the year or date the photo is being taken

Summer Sunset:

Ahhh beautiful. Take a gorgeous picture of a sunset or sunrise.

Cool drink:

Take a picture of that drink of the season. whether it be a cold milkshake, an ice coffee at local cafe or a margarita by the pool.  

Summer hangout:

Where is your favourite summer hangout? For me as a kid it was always down the river.   Passing the afternoon under a big old shady tree. Star gazing at night.

Mowing the lawn:

Summer to me is the smell of freshly cut grass in the evening.


If you love to garden then include som pics. Maybe take some in sequence from when the garden was first sown to your garden in full bloom.


Whether you are a participant or a spectator, get some action shots of friends and family. Touch footy season, athletics, cricket, volleyball.

Food and Entertainment:

Don't forget photos of all the Barbeques, Picnics, Get togethers,  Parties.... Ice cream, fresh fruit....mmmm

Pool picures:

Kids, family, friends in the pool and out.

Hawaiian Beach Shorts!

Day trips

Capture the memories at any family outings like trips to the Zoo, 4th of July picnics, amusement parks, the horse races etc.

Summer Mini Scrapbook Titles

Hot summer tips

Create cool water effects on your pages using glossy accents or dimensional magic 

Buy a disposable underwater camera for some cool shots

Summer Mini Book Resources, examples and tutorials

Wavey summer book tutorial and free template

An ABC list of Summer words for making an Alphabet themed mini book

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