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Toilet Roll Mini Album Tutorial

No need to  buy any fancy supplies to make this toilet roll mini album apart from pretty papers. This is one of the thriftiest and coolest upcycled mini albums that you can make. As an added bonus, this is a project for anyone including seasoned scrapbookers, beginners and children. 


Toilet Roll Mini Album


Step one

Take your cleaned up toilet rolls and flatten them. Use the bone folder to firmly crease the folds so that they are as flat as you can make them.

Toilet Roll Mini Album - flatten the rolls

Step two

Now measure your flattened roll to get the 'roll length' and the 'roll width'

Cut a piece of Patterned cardstock to be:
roll length + 1"   by   2 x rollwidth  then add on an extra 1"

measure the rolls

Step three

align one side of the roll with the edge of the paper and fold it over. Fold over again the remaining small piece.  You will now have three panels - the top flap, the middle and bottom panels.

Toilet tissue Roll Mini scrapbook

Step four

Now spread some glue evenly over one side of the flattened toilet roll. stick the roll to the middle panel. Be sure to center it.

Now take a pair of scissors and cut four small wedges in the card as shown below. This will enable us to tuck in the overhanging edges easily.

cut some wedges

Step five

spread a small amount of glue onto the overhanging edges and tuck them inside the roll and press firmly for a good 20 seconds to ensure they stick.

paper the roll

Step 6

Glue down the shorter top flap and tuck in the edges.

Toilet Roll Mini Album

Step 7

Then glue down the last panel and overhanging edges.

 Toilet Roll Mini Album end     finished Toilet Roll Mini Album

Step 8

Repeat for the remaining toilet rolls. Cover them in the same or coordinating patterned papers.

three covered roll pages

Step nine

Take your hole punch tool and punch two holes a quarter inch in from the side of the flattened rolls for binding. My holes are also 3/4" from the top and bottom of the rolls.
You don't have to use rings for binding - you can thread through some ribbon and fibers if you wish.

punch the holes

Step ten

Measure and cut three cardstock tags that will fit into the pockets that will be created by the bound pages. I measured my tags to be a little longer so that they will protrude from the pockets.
Punch a hole approx 1/2" in from the top of each tag in the center.  Use a corner rounder punch to round of the corners if you wish.

make tags      hole punched tags and rounded corners

Thread the pages onto binder rings and tie on some pretty, coordination lengths of ribbon to embellish the album. Embellish the tags with ribbon as well. 

add ribbon

And you're done! Decorate each of the pages and tags with embellishments and photos and you have completed your toilet tissue holder mini book!

finished Toilet Roll Mini Album
Finished toilet tissue holder mini book

Hot Tips and notes

- Use the bind-it-all machine to bind your mini album together.
- A trick to folding in those tricky overhanging edge flaps is to carefully fold both corners under and then push the rest in after it. It can get a bit messy but it doesnt need to bee to perfect.

scrapbook tip 1   scrapbook tip 2

More inspiration

For more ideas for your own toilet roll mini you can take a look at our Gallery of Toilet paper roll scrapbook examples.  There are over 20 different mini album ideas with photos for several memory book themes like weddings, summer, baby minis. There are also a couple of very different craft projects there.

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