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Make a Mini Easter Scrapbook

An Easter scrapbook is a wonderful way to preserve your holiday memories.  We hope these ideas make your Easter mini book a breeze to make.

 Make an Easter Scrapbook

Long Weekend Getaway

Easter weekend is one of those long weekends that we all look forward to. Often we take off for a few days of hard earned rest and relaxation. A few days reprieve from the everyday toils of our lives.  You might choose to simply collate the photos taken on your long weekend holiday into a cute little mini book.

At Home Easter Mini Album

While not all of us are fortunate enough to take advantage of a long weekend holiday there are lots of special moments that we encounter at home. Keep your camera handy to take pictures of those these moments and scrap them into your album. A little preparation will ensure you have lots to keep your camera snapping , some ideas for the perfect Easter photo.

Babies First Easter

Is it babies first Easter. Be sure to take a picture to include in your babies firsts mini album. You can take lots of photos to make a separate Easter album for baby maybe you can make a bunnies and chicks and Easter eggs and flowers scattered through it. Pop some bunny ears on to babies head and capture the moment.

Choose your Shape - an egg or a basket

For some extra flair you might want to steer away from making a regular 6x6 or similar mini album. Think of some shapes that you can associate with the Easter season and incorporate them into your album. Some shapes you might want to consider include:

Easter Scrapbook Title Ideas

Add Easter Quotes

Don't forget that you can always add an Easter quote or poem to add a heartfelt touch to your album. Have a happy chocolate Easter Egg!!



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