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Summer ABC List

Browse through this scrapbooking Summer ABC list for your next summer mini album. More Ideas for a summer mini book in the album themes section

Pick an album to make for your Summer ABC album.

A - Ants

B - Ball, Baloons, Barbeque, Beach, Beach Bag, Beach Bum, Beach Shorts, Beer, Bike, Bikini, Blossom, Boat Butterfly

C - Camping, Candy Floss, Cap, Carefree, Carnival, Cool, Cricket, Crusing

D - Dancing, Day Dream, Diving

E - Eat, Enjoy

F - Family, Family Fun, Fete, Flip Flops, Flowers, Flowers, Freedom, Fresh Fruit, Friends, Frisbee, Fun, fourth of July, Festivities, fire works

G - Good Times, Giggle, Golf, Grill

H - Hanging Out, Happy, Hats, Hiking, Holiday, Hose, Hot, Hot Dog, Hot Summer Nights

I - Ice Blocks, Ice Cream, Ice Tea, Ice-Cream

J - Jogging, Just For You

K - Kids, Kites

L - Lazy, Lotion

M - Milkshake, Mowed Lawns, Muggy, Mates, movies

N - Name Day

O - Opening Presents, Orchard, Outdoors

P - Parade, Park, Punch, Playing, Picnic, Pool ,Pool Party, Popsicles

Q - Quiet Time

R - Relax, Restuarants, Ribbons, Rollerblades, Running

S - Sand, , Shady Tree, Skates, Snorkelling, Soak Up Sun, Splash, Sprinkler, Star Gazing, Strawberries, Summer Fling, Sports, Summer Loving, Sun, Sun Hat, Sun Kissed, Sun Screen, Sunshine, Surf ,Surfboard

T - Tan, Touch Footy, Trees,

U - Uv Rays

V - Vacation, volley ball

W - Water Balloons, Water Fight, Water Ski, Watermelon, Waves, Wet & Wild, Wish, Wine

X - Xxx & Ooo

Y - Yachting, Yard Work,

Z - Zoo, Zzzz's

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