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Wedding Mini Album

There are a tonne of special moments that you can fill a Wedding mini album with.  If you are making a keepsake for yourself you will no doubt have no trouble obtaining a good range of quality photos of your special day from your wedding photographer as well as from those guests that will share their best shots with you.  But if you are making it as a gift for the newlyweds you may have a trickier time of getting the good shots but they are out there so don't hold back, be ruthless and contact guests and family to get as many pics as you can.

I have made a list of some of the more special moments you may want to include in a Wedding scrapbook album. I didn't include the journaling and photos this time around,  since  I think that it is pretty obvious in this case what you should be taking pictures of.  Take photos of everything just in case I say. You can always delete them if you take too many.

I don't know that a "visa quote" will be very appropriate for a Wedding (not too classy) but I've included a cheeky one at  the bottom...just in case. A bit of humor may be just what your mini book needs.


Wedding scrapbook

Pages to create - Photos to take

  • The Big Day

  • Toss the bouquet

  • Our song

  • Walking down the aisle

  • The Rings

  • Wedding Party

  • The Bouquet

  • Bouquet toss

  • The Garter

  • Happily Ever After


  • Two become one

  • I Do

  • First dance

  • Propasal story

  • The cake

  • The feast

  • The dress

  • The gifts

  • Invitation

  • Wedding guest book


Journaling and wedding keepsakes


Wedding album titles

The Visa Quote - cheeky

Wedding Quotes
Make sure you check out these lovely quotes to help you fill your wedding album or reception guestbook


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