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Pregnancy Scrapbook Mini Album

Instead of a full on pregnancy journal why don't you keep a pregnancy scrapbook mini album  instead. While a daily journal is a huge undertaking it is still important to record how you felt and to keep track of those key moments throughout your pregnancy.  After all in the space of less than a year your life will never be the same.

Create a pregnancy keepsake for your children to treasure

If you are able to keep a daily journal that's great! A scaled down version in the form of a scrapbook mini album would be perfect to share your pregnancy thoughts and feelings with your family and friends. And eventually this precious keepsake will some day be passed down to your child.

Gift for a new mother

If you are not the baby making type then make a pregnancy mini album as a gift for a friend or family member instead. The mother to be will love it.  A paper bag album or other mini album would be great.

pregnancy mini album

Make a Pregnancy Scrapbook mini album or Pregnancy journal

Create a special one of a kind mini album scrapbook for the new mother to be to record some of the most precious moments throughout her pregnancy.


A few ideas to kick start your pregnancy album.

We're gonna be parents!

Announcing to friends and family

Baby's due date

What's in a name (boys / girls)

Step away from the food!


Love letters

The baby shower!

There are a few ways to approach this step. You could include one or all of the following:

There is love in my belly

Baby kicks

Birth plan

before baby

Doctors visit


The baby's crib



Titles for your Pregnancy Scrapbook Mini Album

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