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Father's Day Mini Album

Make a fantastic father's day mini album gift for your Dad this year. Fill it with photos and quotes or whatever you want. You can make a 10 things I love about you mini scrapbook and let him know how much he means to you. Maybe a keychain mini album in a small tin with photos of all his family and friends.


I have for you a special Father mini album Template that you can use to create a DAD word album. Basically it has 3 pages each with a single letter on it to make the word 'DAD'  You can print all three pages onto a sheet of a4 paper or you can print each page separately.

Full A4 Dad album Template

Right click the image and save to your 'My Documents' folder.  The image is approximately 20.5 x 29cm - about the size of a4 paper. You can open a new word processing document (MS Word, Lotus) set the all margins to 0, then copy the image to the document and print on to plain paper to make your template. The edges may not print depending on your printer but you should be ok to sketch in the bits that have been cut out.

dad mini album template

Print each page

If you would rather print each letter to a page then use the following three images.

DAD template - page D1

DAD mini album template - page a

DAD mini album template - page D2


We would love to see your father's day album creations on this site. You can use the  submit mini book form to have your album featured in our gallery.

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