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How To Make a CD Tin Scrapbook

Okie Dokie. One tutorial for a CD Tin Scrapbook coming right up. Love making these compact little units. They look so classy. They are also discreet, sturdy and robust which makes them the perfect gift for the man in your life. They can tuck it away in whatever it is they use for a man bag without the fear being told off for ruining that labor of love that you spent so much time creating.

cd tin scrapbookMaterials


Step by Step Directions

Step one

Now we want to cut 3 squares with rounded corners for the top cover and both inside covers. You can either trace and cut or you can measure your cd tin from edge to edge take of 1/16" and cut three squares this size. My tin worked out to be exactly 5¼" x 5¼" square. I took 1/16" off this to give me 5 3/16's. Once I cut them I used a pair of scissors to roughly round off the corners.

. cd tin scrapbook - 1   cd tin scrapbook - 2

Step two

Use double sided tape to adhere the paper squares to the inside of the to tin cover.

cd tin scrapbook - 3        cd tin scrapbook - 5

Step three

Make an accordion fold album insert. You can find some simple instructions to make an accordion album here. I made a mine a 5"x5" page album with 6 pages.

cd tin scrapbook - 6

Step four

Adhere the back of the accordion fold insert to the bottom inside cover of your cd tin. You might choose to embellish it first. Don't use too many lumpy bumpies though as you might not be able to get the lid on.

cd tin scrapbook - 7

Finished CD Tin Scrapbook

 cd tin scrapbook - the finished album

Hints and Tips

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