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An accordion album by Katherine.

Hi,  I wanted to share this mini accordion album with you. I saw one like it in my scrapbook store. I think it is really cute.

I made the album just to see if I could do it...and I made it for me. Though, I might eventually give it to my daughter. The album is titled Hawaiian Excursion ( sorry, I couldn't think of anything else). It has pictures of my daughter Linsea on her trip to Hawaii. She was visiting my sister and BIL. And No, I didn't get to go. There are pictures of my sister, bil , daughter and their friend Dave.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and look at my album, It was actually quite fun to make.

Katherine Skinner
Silverdale , Wa ( USA).

WOW... thanks heaps Katherine for this great idea for a mini album. This is definitely one cool accordion album with a twist. If you'd like instructions on how to make this mini album then check out this


All you need is paper

Hawaiian Excursion


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