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Flirty Purse mini album instructionsflirty puse mini album

Slightly different to the other flirty purse mini album. This scrapbook is made to hold tags that slip into the bag much like a real hand bag. To make it simply follow the directions below.

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-1 sheet of cardstock or patterned card for the album cover
-six tags measuring 5.5" x 4.5"
-Metal ruler
-Cutting tool or craft knife

-Adhesive (glue or double sided tape)
- Velcro dots

Print off flirty purse template

Download and print off the flirty purse mini album template

Trace and Cut flirty purse pieces

Trace the main body of the purse and two gussets on to a firm piece of cardstock or patterned card. Bazzill is perfect for these pieces. The gussets can be cut from the same cardstock as the main body or from a co-coordinating piece of paper.

flirty purse mini album
Flirty Purse mini album

Assemble the flirty purse

We will be attaching the two gussets to the main purse. Run some double sided tape or a thin line of glue along the back two sides of the main purse. Now attach the right gusset to the back as per the diagram above. Then attach the left gusset.

Run some double sided tape or glue along the front two sides of the purse and attach the two gussets to complete the mini purse album.

Attach velcro dots to the album to enable the purse to close.

flirty purse mini album instructions
Assembled Flirty Purse Mini Album

Attach a purse handle

If you want you can attach a handle mad from Ribbon or cardstock or wire and some beads. Basically you pierce a couple of holes at the top of the purse where the handles will attach and thread some ribbon or wire through and knot each end (or bend wire back)

Cut tag inserts

Cut at least 4 tags measuring 5.5" x 4.5" from coordinating papers. Make tabs for each tag by cutting out small circles and stapling them to each tag. Rectangular scraps (about 1"x1.25") with the rounded corners make excellent easy page tabs.

Decorate your tags with photos and embellishments and slip them into your handbag album when you're done.


Turn this album into a backpack for a kids school album or sports album by attaching two lengths of ribbon to the back of the album like you would backpack straps.

























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