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Funky hand bag mini album instructions

You have got to love fashion accessories and a funky new hand bag ranks up there with the best of them. Even those of us girls who may have never experienced the sheer joy of adopting a brand new handbag to love will appreciate this little hand bag mini album, just perfect for carrying our friends and family around in...as opposed to lip gloss, mints and a ton of junk.

Quick Note. Instead of a mini album you can make greeting cards or invitations. Just exclude the page inserts and follow the rest of the directions.

-1 sheet of cardstock or patterned card for the album cover
-One sheet of card-stock for the inserts
-Metal ruler
-Cutting tool or craft knife
-Length of ribbon

-Adhesive (glue or double sided tape)
hand bag mini album supplies


If you prefer to use a template you can download this purse mini album template.

1. Take 1 sheet of 12x12 Card you will use for the album cover. i used a double sided patterned paper so that I can use the reverse side for the front panel. Cut it in half so that it measures 12" x 6". Score and fold at 5" and 10" along the long side.


hand bag mini album cover

2. Fold the album cover and lay it on your cutting mat. Measure .75" in from the top right hand corner and mark with a pencil. Lay your ruler in line with the top mark and the bottom right hand corner. Cut away the excess.

hand bag mini album

3. Repeat step two for the left hand side. Your cover should now resemble this.

hand bag mini album

Cut the inside pages to measure

4. Cut the front panel from co-ordinating paper to measure 5¾" x 4¾". As with the album cover you will need to trim off the excess with a craft knife. Notice in the image below that instead of cutting to ¾" from the top right hand corner of the paper I have used the cutting mat to measure ¾" from a point as if the paper 5" high.
This is to keep the gradient of the cut the same as the album cover - try cutting on a piece of scrap paper to see the difference.

hand bag mini album front panel

hand bag mini album assembled

5. Cut two page inserts each measuring 5¾" x 9½". Fold them in half. Cut off the excess exactly as you did in step 4 for the front panel being careful to ensure the gradient of the cuts are the same. You should now have 4 pieces to form your album as per the diagram below. I have used my corner punch to give it a nicer rounder look.

"hand bag mini album cut outs

6. Assembling the album.
Punch two small holes along the fold of the album inserts ¾" in from each side. Do the same for the album cover on the fold between the front flap and the back cover.

Put your album together with the inserts. Tie a knot at one end of the length of ribbon, thread it up through the inserts and cover and back in again. Tie another knot. All done.

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