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Word Chipboard Mini album Instructions

"Great idea to make a Name scrapbook"

This fun scrapbook is similar to the Irregular chipboard mini album.  It's layered pages will allow you to take a name or word to create a unique mini album. Want to make a baby gift mini album? Simply use the letters from the word "BABY' as per the example diagrams below.

A Name Scrapbook

Another cool twist on this concept is to use this concept is to create a mini book based on a persons name. Each album may take a little time to create as you will need to vary the lengths of each page and play with the letter widths to create pages with potential to hold photos, journaling and other scrapbook embellishments.

Special Occasions Mini Album

Why not create a name album for any special events that you have celebrated and wish to create a keepsake for. A "Christmas" or "XMAS" album, an "ITALY" album for the holiday you spent abroad, you get the idea.

Baby Mini Album Example

For this album I used four 7"x5" pieces of chipboard to form the pages. I roughly sketched each letter from the word 'BABY' on to four pieces of scrap paper of the same size to use as a template. I started with the 'Y' first and then worked backwards to the 'B'. Through trial and error I settled on the outlay below.

I traced the letters on to the chipboard pages and cut them out making any necessary adjustments as required. The binding holes were punched approximately 1" from the top and 1" from the bottom of each page. Punch the holes on one sheet first then use that piece as a template and place it upon each of the other pages.

I then decorated the pages and assembled the album using binder rings from the local stationary store.

Chip-board word mini album cover page Chipboard word mini album page


Chip-board word mini album Chipboard word mini book
layer the letters assembled chip board mini album

Hints and tips

If you're not happy with the width of the front cover, simply extend it by an inch or so to the left of the letter. You will also need to extend the rest of the pages by an inch to keep them uniform.

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