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Bottle Cap Mini Scrapbook

Written by Kerri

Bottle Cap Mini Scrapbook
Bottle cap scrapbook

Here is a great tutorial for a mini scrapbook album made from two bottle tops written by our newest team member here at Scrapbook Crazy Kerri. It's a cute mini and is another way you can upcycle and craft around the home. The bottle top mini would have to be one of our smallest mini albums along with the domino mini book.

Bottle Cap Scrapbook suppliesSupplies



Step one

Pick out the bottle caps that you want to use. I left mine plain because I like the pink color but you can spray paint them or decorate them in endless ways.

milk bottle tops for scrapbook

Step two

Figure out how big your circles need to be. You want them to fit nicely into the bottles caps without getting stuck.

Step three

Fold your paper and place the circle cutter just outside of the folded edge and cut both layers at the same time. This will give you two circles connected by a fold in the center.cutting out the circles

Step 4

Repeat step three until you have all of the pages that you want for your mini. Keep the thickness of your pages in mind when planning the number of pages. You want all of your pages to fold into the caps neatly.

bottle cap pages

Step 5

Glue the pages together in an accordion style by turning the circles so the hinges are facing in opposite directions.

Step 6

Cut two circles out of chipboard or thin cardboard like cereal box or snack box cardboard.

Step 7

Glue the cardboard circles to the outside of the first and last pages of your book. This will give the hot glue a better surface for gluing inside of the bottle caps.

sticking the pages in the book

Step 8

Decorate your pages then glue the chipboard pages into the caps with hot glue.

Step 9

You can glue some sort of closure to the outside of the caps if desired.

Finished bottle cap scrapbook
Finished bottle cap scrapbook

Your bottle cap mini book is complete! This would be great for keepsake size school pictures.

Made by Kerri
Kerri's Crafts Blog

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