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The Loves in My life

Valentines Day is not just about being in love and receiving chocolates from your lover. It is a day to celebrate love. Loving your friends, your parents, your children, your family, your pets and don't forget yourself.  This is what  makes Valentines the perfect time to create an album about all those that you love and care for the most. The people in your life that love you and support you. While those feelings of love are close to the surface.

Dedicate one or two pages to each person that you love. Express what that person means to you, what makes them special in your eyes.


Our love story scrapbook

Tell your love story in a mini keepsake. Lori created her love story and based it on based on a Song "Your still the one" You can do the same or you can take it back to when you first met

Keep these questions in mind when thinking of creating your love scrapbook album

Memorabilia can include

Mini book of Love Coupons

If you want a quick and easy Valentines day gift then a mini book of love coupons may be what you are after. Simply create 6 or more coupons on cardstock or patterned paper to present to your partner, think of some activities that you think your partner would appreciate and fill out your coupons accordingly. Place them in an envelope or create an altered tin to hold them in.

Some ideas for coupons may include

Some blokey type coupons

Have fun creating your love scrapbook and be sure to share you mini album ideas with us.

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