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Valentine's Day mini album

Make a valentine's day mini album to mark this special day, a love keepsake to cherish for all the days to come.
This valentines day will be special, you just know it. You wake up Valentines day morning and what is the first thing you think, feel, or say. These are some of the moments that will happen throughout the day that you should scrap about. Write your thoughts down in your scrapbooking journal.


Did you shop for anything that day, buy anything special to wear to dinner or.... keep the tags or receipts and maybe a business card. Cut a clipping of what you wore from a catalogue or just take a picture.

Keep those tickets

Going to the movies or a concert? Keep the tickets to place in a keepsake pocket in your mini album. Snag a menu from the restaurant that you dine at.

Your scent

 Did you get perfume this year, did you buy him cologne? What scent are you wearing. Certain smells have a way of bringing on a wonderful sense of nostalgia. Note the flavors in your little journal, describe it's unique scent. Is it an old favourite or a favourite for right now. Make a tag from the packaging. 

Get that picture.

Pop your digital camera in your purse to take on your date. It isn't the most likely thing that you would do when you go out but if you only get one good photo of the two of you together it will be totally worth doing it. Ask somebody to take the photo or set the timer and pop your camera on top of a stable surface to get a good lovey dovey shot. Maybe you have someone at home who will take a picture before you leave.

The sound of music

Was there any particular song or sounds that stood out in your mind and helped to make the day/evening memorable. Did you choose "your song" today or do you already have one..

May we always have flowers in our lives

Take pictures of the wonderful flowers that you may receive.  Keep the card  and press a couple of your flowers to place in a special keepsake pocket. Journal any special thoughts and feelings the inspire in your little album.

Love Notes

Love letters are a way of expressing what you feel for each other at this particular time in your lives and they will be priceless to read in 10, 15, 20 years time. Write a love note to your loved one and encourage your partner to do the same.

These are just a few ideas to help you to create the perfect Valentine's day mini album. Remember, if you can take a photo of it, do it. Keep everything from that day, you can toss anything you don't use in your album later.


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