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The crazy things you say mini album

A things you say mini album is quite simply a book with a collection of all the quirky, silly and cute things that pop out of your mouth from time to time. You don't have to limit it to only the crazy things you say, anyone can grab a starring role in your little book. If you're not sure what sayings should make it into your little book just think about all the things your family have said that make you smile and include those.

Kids say book

A 'They say...' book is perfect for recording the funniest or the most profound comments your kids make. I've found the best stuff comes when they think no one is listening, so you may need to eavesdrop a little. You and your kids will really enjoy looking back through this little book of memories when they are older.


Another take on this concept is to record the things each of your family members or friends have to say about an event you have attended that is important to you all. Kind of like a "So Bobby, what did you think about lil Mandy's 5th birthday party this year?" or "What did you like the most about our family reunion in the Bahamas?"  Get around to each of the members of the family and record it all in your little notebook or if you are super organised you can hand out your worksheets that you prepared earlier.

An album of this kind would make a touching fathers day gift or a small gift for your childrens grandparents.

Title ideas for a things you say mini album

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