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A Mini Record Scrapbook Album Tutorial

mini scrapbook albumsWritten by Megan Anderson

Another great upcycle tutorial, I really love repurposing stuff into fashionable mini scrapbook albums.

This time Megan from The Nerd Nest shows us how to make this mini with those old fashioned vintage 45 vinyl records that our mamas and papas used to listen to way back when. Wouldn't they make just the most perfect scrapbook gift for your music crazy friends and family.  Megan also sells these little beauties at her Etsy store too in case you want all the fun of creating your mini keepsake minus the painting and gluing and stuff.



Step 1.

Trace the outline of one of your records onto patterned paper or cardstock with a pen. Cut slightly inside the lines the resulting circle out using scissors or a craft knife to insure there is no overhang. You can also use a circle cutting tool, if available. The resulting circle should be about 6.75 inches in diameter.

mini record  scrapbook albums

Step 2.

Repeat step one until you have the desired amount of inner pages for your book. To save time, I layer paper and cut several circles out at once.

vinyl record scrapbooks

Step 3.

Paint a white base coat over the label stickers on one side of each record. You may need to paint two coats to ensure full coverage. Let this coat dry.

mini scrapbook albums

Step 4.

Paint a coat on top of the white base coat in the color of your choice.

mini scrapbook albums with records

Step 5.

Punch a hole approximately 0.5 inches into your first record cover. When you punch a hole in the second cover, make sure that you are punching the hole in the same spot as on the first cover by lining the records up, inside to inside, and using the first record as a guide.

hole punching the mini scrapbook

Step 6.

Using the first record as a guide, center the inner pages inside the first record and punch a hole through the inner pages.

with the hole punch

Step 7.

Bind the covers and the pages together with a binder ring.

the bound mini scrapbook albums

Step 8.

Decorate the cover of your mini with stickers, rub-ons, or other scrapbooking embellishments!

Now you’re ready to decorate the inside! This mini would be prefect for concert photos or tickets, your favorite lyrics, or your current playlist.


finished mini scrapbook albums


Thanks so much Megan for this sweet mini scrapbook. Remember to take a browse through the Nerd Nest store to see some delicious mini albums and unique one of a kind embellishments and support Hand Made Crafts.

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