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Paper Bag Scrapbook Mini Album

our simply us paper bag scrapbook"Another great way to make a paper bag scrapbook"

I was inspired after watching a scrapbooking webisode which showed various techniques on how to make different kinds of paper crafts. One idea that came to mind was the use of the paper bag. Since, I had a number of brown paper bags in my pantry, that my son uses when he takes his lunch to school. I took one  paper bag and made it into two mini-bags.

First, I thought, what will I decorate with these two mini bags? I searched through boxes of pictures and found three old wallet-size photos of my parents when they were young. I also found pictures of myself and my siblings in our youth. I went to my scrap booking stash and gathered an assortment of materials to start a mini-album, made of tags and brown paper bags.

I started to decorate the cover and entitled it, “Simply Us!”. The inside tag is a picture of my newly married parents. The frontispiece and subsequent pages, each, have inside tags with family photos and journaling on the backsides. Additionally, the pages are embellished with chipboard words, flowers, ribbons, brads and die-cuts. The back cover shows the photographs of the entire family at my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary. The family is constantly thrilled to look at this mini-album and reminisce on the happenings of the last five decades.
Ching Phillips
Clearwater, FL

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scrapbook paper bag album - 50 years of family
When the album is fanned-out like this, one can encompass
50 years of the family in just a glance.

simply us scrapbook paper bag album - wedding pics
The cover: "Simply Us!" - 1951 Civil Wedding
A promise of...
giving and sharing,
unending caring,
working and planning together,
and making a dream last forever.

simply us scrapbook paperbag scrapbook

Frontispiece: "best love" - Church Wedding 1951
Our hopes and plansbecome realities.

paper bag scrapbook - the joy of having a family and children

"wishes / our joy" - Our children
Together, we knew the true joy as husband and wife.

paper bag scrapbook

"cherish / you & me" - Taken in 1980's
Experienced more than thirty years of trials and
tribulations, but love conquered it all.


paper bag scrapbook - HOPE

"hope" - Our hopes and plans become realities.
One and only son, with his family

paper bag scrapbook - a sweet dream

"sweet / dreams" - Our dreams becomes tomorrow's memories.
Eldest daughter, with her family

paper bag scrapbook - the entire album

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