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My Albany - Mini Book

"Anne Marie makes a mini book of her first 18 years growing up in Albany"Mini Album Title: A Mother's Love


This album was made in just a few hours. This type of album would make a great gift

Mason jar albums are fairly simple to make - pages need to be slightly smaller than the mouth of the jar, and are typically connected with a long strand of ribbon that is attached to the inside of the cover. Since my favorite mini album medium is acrylic, I chose to make my pages out of acrylic instead of cardstock.

To find a template for my pages, I found circular (tubular) items and tried to fit them into the jar one by one until I found the right one. For this particular jar, that turned out to be my stacking embellishment storage. Without removing the protective coating from the acrylic, I traced several circles onto a 12x12 acrylic page. I cut the circles out and punched the holes with the Crop-A-Dile. I didn't want to use ribbon for this album, and I had some tiny rings similar to the ones used for larger acrylic albums, so I used those to connect the pages.

I also used my Crop-A-Dile to punch the holes in the lid. I tried attaching it with another ring, but it was too stiff, and didn't allow the pages to fit smoothly. So i used ribbon to attach the pages to the cover. (I glued the knot of the bow to prevent people from untying the bow).

As with any acrylic album, placement of photos and embellishments is important to prevent seeing the adhesives. Since I like to use double sided papers (because it adds a more dimensional effect), I use Zip Dry to attach them to the acrylic. The Zip Dry dries clear, and is not very easy to see.

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Julie Howard
Maywood MO

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