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Mini Book Instructions

This mini book at first glance may look pretty tricky to make but this mini album is actually quite easy to make. all you need to make it is:

Take a sheet of 11½" x 8¼" paper (A4)

Fold it in half as per the diagram below

mini book instructions 1

Open up the sheet

mini book instructions 2

Now fold the sheet in half again lengthwise, this time from top to bottom.

mini book instructions 3

Fold the top outer edge back up towards the centre fold.

mini book instructions 4

Now repeat, this time folding the bottom outer edge and the bottom outer edge up to meet the centre fold.

make a mini book



Take your scissors or craft knife and cut along the centre vertical fold.

mini book instructions 6

Grab hold of the album either side of the cut and fold them down to meet each other so that it looks some thing like this. Apply a thin line of adhesive to the book as shown below. This will form pockets for 4 tags in your book.

mini book instructions

mini book instructions two

If you want to you may cut two pieces of chipboard/book-board 3¼" x 3¼" Cover with paper and attach to the front and back covers if desired. Use a piece of fibre or ribbon to tie the finished album shut.

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