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Metal Scrapbooking Mini Album

Jayne uses metal scrapbooking techniques to create this mini

I'd like to say I'm so glad I found the Scrapbook Crazy site...it is the most comprehensive and fun one I have found that covers one of my passions...making mini-albums..THANKS A BUNCH for all the great material!!!

Metal Scrapbooking Mini Album
Harley Davidson inspired mini scrapbook for Jim

The metal scrapbooking mini-album I made was for my husband for Valentine's Day 2011. He' a guy's guy, and we're into riding our Harley Davidson's. So since a lot of motorcycle gear/accessories have the metal thing going on...I thought making a mini-album that would reflect the "metal" aspect of our riding hobby would be a cool idea.
I didn't' want it to turn out being a Harley Davidson valentine...so I just ran with the metal theme.

Materials used to make this mini scrapbook were

HOT TIP: ES6000 glue is a life-saver...slab it on, especially on metal to painted surfaces, weight it down for about 24 hrs, that sucker isn't going to come unglued in THIS CENTURY!!!

Metal Scrapbooking page 1  Metal Scrapbooking Mini Album

It started out being a "guy" valentine... but then the girlie thing crept up on me...and didn't stop. Even so...he LOVED the Valentine and he now proudly displays my creation on our mantel at home.

Metal Scrapbook  page on and on    pink and grey scrapbook page

I had a great time making this little book. The small size makes the task of making books less daunting and overwhelming. You can work on different pages at different times and you don't feel like you're locked into just one "look". I think the small size of the book frees you up to expand your creativity.

metal mini scrapbook   valentines scrapbook

Hand made by Jayne Rose
Elk Grove, CA

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