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Maze Book Instructions (aka puzzle book)

How about these maze book instructions. These cute little puzzle albums (also known as a meander scrapbook) look kinda tricky but they are surprisingly fairly easy to make.

The idea behind the puzzle book scrapbook is that you have to work out how to open it with all the weird flaps and folds. When you finally open it up (admiring all the funky pics and stuff on the way) you lie it down flat the whole design is unveiled.

So grab a sheet of 12x12 and give it a go. Scrapbooking little photos will be a great idea (maybe use up those left over cropped photos lying around) or large photos across several segments.

Take a sheet of 12x12 cardstock (preferably plain but patterned will be fine)
fold it in half from left to right. Take that extra bit of time and effort to ensure the edges and corners meet for that perfect fold - use your bone folding tool for the best results.

maze book instrunction image 1

Open up the sheet

maze book instrunction image 2

Now fold the sheet in half again, this time from top to bottom.

maze book instrunction image 3

Open up the sheet

maze book instrunction image 4

Fold the left outer edge in to the centre fold and then fold the left outer edge in to the centre fold

maze book instrunction image 5

Open the sheet out again

maze book instrunction image 6

Now repeat this time folding the upper outer edge and the bottom outer edge to the centre fold.

maze book instrunction image 7

Open the sheet ready for the cutting part. You should have a sheet of 12x12 paper with 16 square panels.

maze book instrunction image 8

Make three cuts along the solid lines in the diagram below.

maze book cutting path

Now fold the maze book accordion style either from the centre square or the outer end square. Decorate as you wish.

you might find it easier to decorate before you fold or/and cut. I personally like to fold, cut then decorate

Make some chipboard covers if you want a more sturdy album. Cut two pieces of chipboard/book-board 3¼" x 3¼" Cover with paper and attach to the front and back covers if desired. Use a piece of fibre or ribbon to tie the finished album shut.

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