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Making Memories Scrapbook

"Made with the making memories scrapbook passport colection"

making memories scrapbookDestination Carlsbad

I made this album for two reasons, 1. I wanted to make a mini and hadn't before and 2. It was for a design team call and I thought what the heck, why not!

For this album I used primarily the Making Memories Passport collection. It was fun to use and so fitting for the subject matter!!

As for tips, I really don't have any other than it was so easy to put together after I had gone through and set out the order of pictures I wanted.

For a first, this was a fantastic experience and I will definitely be making more minis in the future!!

Ashley Harris

making memories scrapbooking papers


making memories scrapbook pages 3-4

making memories scrapbook pages strawberries

making memories scrapbook - the yum page

making memories scrapbook - gorgeous faces

making memories scrapbook - getting wet on the beach

the end

Thank you Ashlee for sharing this wonderful keepsake with us. It's simply beautiful.

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