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Make an Online Scrapbook with Smilebox

online mini album with smile box Make an online scrapbook in minutes

I have recently found this very cool and very addictive site Smilebox.com where you can send your photos to your mates and family in a Smilebox photo book with cool designs and music to jazz them up.  They are easy and fun to make.

Check out their COOL Easter E-cards

Create amazing digital scrapbooks in minutes!
Create and preserve a Smilebox scrapbook in minutes! Just drag photos, videos, music, and words into amazing scrapbook designs.

How does Smilebox work

How it works is Smilebox provides free software and a few hundred free designs that you can personalize with your own photos and videos. The end product is an online Smilebox scrapbook. You can then email it off to wow as many friends and family as you like or you can post it in your blog for free. The service is not limited to scrapbooks, you can create eCards, slideshows and ePostcards as well.

Free themed designs

Just like with mini albums the sky is the limit. They provide a lot of themed photo scrapbooks that you can use or that can be easily adapted to your own theme. For example I used the Gardening themed 'Field full of flowers' template to create a Friendship themed mini book. Funnily enough I kept the title of the template as I could see all the kids in the park as being a field full of flowers.

Probably the best way to describe how they work is simply to show you. This is the very first smilebox that I made in about 15 minutes. I grabbed some random photos that I took of akw and her Cuzzies at the park just before Christmas.


Click to play cuzzies

 click here to play my Cuzzies Smile box

But can you make mini albums for the coffee table with them?!

Being as mini album obsessed as I am, all I really wanted to see when I gave Smilebox a go was if I could print the images out on to cardstock or photo paper so that could create a mini album without any fuss. I did find that you can print them if you join up to club smilebox.

When you subscribe you get access to more premium designs plus you get more music choices to add to them. you can join for a 14 day trial period for free and then if you continue on it is around $4.99 per month. If you dont want to continue you just cancel your subscription before the 14 days is up. I have only just joined up today so i haven't decided if im going to cancel or not, Ill probably keep it...knowing me ill probably forget to cancel anyways...lol

Photo Book Themes and designs

I have had a quick browse through the photo book themes which cover all sorts of occasions that i have listed here to make an online scrapbook.

- any occasion books
- sisters
- storybook
- year end keepsake
- seasons greetings
- girlfriends
- buddies
- vintage
- new parents
- baby themes
- Graduate congrats
- Seasons
- mummies and daddies days.... the list goes on.


 So go and check out Smilbox.com  and send your first smilebox in no time at all.

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