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Keyring mini album

Follow these simple instructions to make a keyring mini album from chipboard, you could complete this scrapbook project in less than a couple of hours (less than one if you're really keen) What better way to carry your loved ones around with you every where you go than to carry them on your keys. 


1. Firstly we will wallpaper each of our chipboard pages with patterned paper.
To do this take the chipboard page and apply glue stick to the entire surface. Attach the paper to the chipboard and ensure that the page is completely covered. Trim off any excess paper and smooth off the rough edges with sandpaper or a distressing file.  Flip the page over and cover the reverse side of the page in the same fashion.

2. Repeat for the remaining chipboard pages and covers.

3. Dress the covers and pages with photos, embellishments, journaling and any other touches you wish to make.

4. When you are done punch a hole through the upper left hand corner of each page. Set an eyelet into each of the punched holes for a stronger mini album.

5. Thread each page onto a book ring or through a key ring chain and tie on some coordinating ribbon and fibers to finish it off

Done. Now clip your fantastic keyring mini album on to your keyring, purse, bag, mobile phone and you're set.

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