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felt album pattern

This is a pattern for a felt mini album. We'll use felt to make a cover that you can then attach a 4"x4" mini album insert. We have used the easy one page accordion album insert for this mini album example.

felt album supplies:

Handy links for making a felt mini album

Cut two large pieces of felt measuring

    4.5" x 9.75"

From the excess felt trim a piece of felt measuring 1.5"x3" for the closure.

felt album pattern
Lay the first piece of felt on top of the other. fold them both in half making sure to keep them aligned.

Press with an iron to sharpen the fold which will be the spine of the album. Use pins to keep the felt pieces together.

felt mini album pattern
starting in the middle of the spine blanket stitch around the edge of the front cover finishing back in the middle of the spine. felt album pattern - blanket stitch the cover
When you have finished and you turn the album over it should look like this. felt album - blanket stitch the  back cover
Blanket stitch around the edge of the back cover.

carefully pin the 1.5"x3" closure piece to the back cover with about  half the length extending past the left edge as per the diagram below.


blanket stitch the cover
Blanket stitch the closure piece to the back cover. felt mini album
Stick on the two velcro spots. To reinforce the spot you should also stitch the spots to the cover. stitch a button to the closure piece to hid the stitching and to add a bit of interest. attach the velcro spots
When you open your album it should look something like this. Once we have added the album insert it will hide all the stitching.


open the mini album
Adhere the 4x4 accordion album insert to the inner covers with Beacons felt glue. attach the mini accordion album insert.


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