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How to make a Easter Egg Mini Album Scrapbook

how to make an Easter egg mini album tutorial
Easter Egg Mini Album Scrapbook

Fill this Easter mini scrapbook with your Easter weekend memories to make a cute keepsake or turn it into a bragbook to gift to grandma or another member of the family it would look super cute bundled up in a small Easter basket along side some chocolate eggs. mmmm


easter egg mini book supplies


Step one

Take your pencil, your oval template and trace 5 egg shaped pages from the chipboard. As you can see I used the grater from my kitchen to create my pages. I discarded a serving dish as it was a bit too big. The grater was the perfect size.

Cut out your pages and set them aside for the moment.

cut out easter egg shapes

Step two

Trace and cut 10 ovals from your patterned scrapbooking papers. I cut the patterned paper a smidgen bigger than the chipboard pages to make sure that the covered the pages completely. I sanded down the over hanging edges of paper with an emery board (or a piece of fine sandpaper) This also gave my mini book a shabby chic distressed look too.

Step three

Adhere the paper to both sides of each of your chipboard pages

cover easter egg pages

Step 4

punch a hole in the top left corner of each page. At this stage you can go ahead and decorate your mini book with photos and embellishments.

punch hole in egg mini album

Step 5

Thread in a book binding ring and tie on a few lengths of ribbon to embellish.

There you have it. A mini Easter scrapbook that can be made in less than a couple of hours.

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