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How to make a Crochet Mini Album Scrapbook

Written by Kerri

This tutorial shows you how to make this cool crochet mini album. If you do not know how to crochet you can find some pretty simple tutorials to show you the basics. I have only recently learned to crochet myself. I simply took out a couple of DIY books from the library and learned the basic stitches in only a few hours. I picked up some crochet hooks and practice wool from the good will thrift store for 10 cents a hook. Bargain!


Crochet Mini Album Scrapbook

Crochet Mini  Scrapbook suppliesMaterials:

Step by step directions

Step one

Decide how big your pages will be. Also, decide how many pages you want. I cut my pieces to 4"x4" for this mini book.

Step two

Cut all of your pages to the same dimensions and round the corners. Rounding the corners makes it easier to crochet. If you don't round the corners you will have a corner sticking out in the middle of your crochet. Use a pair of scissors if you do not have a corner punch.

prepare mini scrapbook pages
hole punched pages with rounded corners

Step 3

Punch holes all the way around every page. Punch the first hole and then line the edge of your hole punch up to the edge of the hole you just punched. Punch the next hole. Use the width of your hole punch as a guide for the spacing between holes. Make sure not to punch too close the edge. You don’t want your thread/yarn to rip through the holes.  I punched the holes about 1/4" in from the edge.

Step four

Take one of your pages and work one or two single crochet into every hole on the sides and four single crochet into each corner. You can start to crochet from anywhere. It doesn't really matter. Weave in the ends when you are done crocheting all the way around each piece.

Repeat for the remaining pages.

binding crochet mini album scrapbook
The pages of the crochet mini album bound together

Step five

To bind the album we will add one page ata time. Take the front two pages and make the binding by crocheting the fornt page to the one behind it on the left edge. Single crochet into the back loop of the first page and front loop of the next page at the same time. You could also use a yarn needle and whip stitch the pages together which is easier.

When you reach the end leave the ends in and start over with the next page. The binding can be a bit tricky that is why I suggest using a yarn needle and whip stitching the pages together instead. This would be done one page at a time as well.

Crochet Tips

Remember to match the size of your hole punch, thread/yarn, and crochet hook. The size of the yarn and holes will also determine how many single crochet you will put in each hole.

Use the size hook that is recommended on the yarn or thread that you are using. If you use worsted weight yarn you will probably want to use a 1/4" hole punch. I used size 10 crochet thread, 1/16" hole punch, and a size 7 steel crochet hook.

As with most mini books the possibilities are endless. Have fun.

Made by Kerri

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