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Colour my world mini album

Ever made a colour my world mini album? For a different twist on mini albums a book based on the different colours in your life is a great idea. Scrap a one or two page layout per colour. You can organise it in a number of different ways depending on the number of photos you already have with a variation of colour.

"The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good, on you!"
- Coco Chanel

more scrapboking colour quotes

Favourite Colours

Make an album of your favourite colours (even if this means only one colour) Select photos or pictures from magazines etc of stuff using these colours. The photos or pictures do not necessarily need to be of your favourite items. Use scrap pieces of different shades of colour and patterns throughout the album.


If you're not sure which colours to use just use all the colours of the rainbow including black and white

Choose photos where one colour is dominant or if you have photo editing software you can make your prints black and white and highlight the selected colour like the red santa hat in black an white photos of kids that we see so often.

Favourite Stuff

Make a list of your most favourite items or choose those select items that make you who you are. EG. The lipstick you are never caught dead without, your running shorts or shoes, your business card, etc.  Pick photos that give a good variation of colour. You may find you will have to get the camera out and take some pictures to make up for those that you don't have.

Childrens books

Alter a childrens board book and turn it into a book of colours  to aid in teaching your  child about colour.  A one or two page layout would be perfect. Use bright bold colours that really stand out. . 

Using characters from their favourite T.V. Shows is a good source of colour material. Eg. Sesame Street has a huge range of characters of different colours. Cookie monster = Blue; Big Bird = Yellow; Elmo = Red; Ernie = Orange; Oscar = Green; The Count = Purple


Colour Quotes

Throw in a quote or two. Make up your own or chose one from this selection of colour quotes.


List of coloured stuff

General Stuff -  clothing; shoes; flowers; fruit; food; perfume; pet accessories; car; house; home decor; diary; jewellery; phone; handbag; chair; butterflies; make-up; i-pods; books; buildings; Beer, cocktails and other beverages; umbrellas; desert; art supplies - paint

red - lipstick, makeup; wine; love; strawberries; nail polish and toes;  elmo; fire extinguisher; paint the twon red; red carpet; matchstick heads; mailbox; phonebox;  hearts; cricket ball

orange - Halloween; oranges; sunset; retro; basketball

green - grass; Spring; envy; lime; green thumb; go; emerald; golf; recycle; Heineken; chilies; limes;

yellow - sun, sunflowers; Summer; lemons, sun dress; daffodils; corn; smiley face; bus; taxi; rubber duck

blue - eyes; water; ocean; sky; blue ribbon (1st place); denim jeans; pool; rain

white - wine; winter; storm clouds; snow; whipped cream; Calla lillies; picket fence; football and other sports; bath-tub

brown -  chocolate; coffee; Autumn/Fall; oak or wooden furniture; cake

pink - elephant; flowers,

Black - little black dress; Pen; Black tie; black belt;

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