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Brag Book theme

For some reason when I think brag book I think 'Grandma'! is that weird? Maybe because Grandma mini brag albums tend to be the most popular when scrapbooking. Every grandparent would love to receive a brag book mini album featuring their very own Grand children. Not to be restricted to grandparents only, a book can be made for any family members or friends.

So what is a brag book? It is simply an album small enough to carry around with you in you handbag or on your keychain that you can whip out and display your kids / grandkids / nieces & nephews at anytime. So when you are at a small family gathering minus your kids, and somebody asks you "How are the kids / grandchildren / family?" You pull out your brag book and the rest is history.

You can buy brag books anywhere these days including dollar stores, gift stores, book stores and even the local post shop. But that's not what we're here for. We're scrappers and we want to make our own.

With brag books there is no set way to make it. You can head off in to a number of different directions. Include journaling, don't include journaling it's up to you. My only suggestion would be to always use the most current photos (no older than a year) With this in mind we would probably make several brag books a year, one for yourself, your parents, friends, family members and whomever else you might think of.

A couple of ideas that come to mind


Try to include a photo of the braggee (person/s the album is about) and the bragger (person you are sending the album to)

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