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Baby twins mini album theme

Are you blessed with twins? A baby twins mini album is a must if you do have a pair of gorgeous matching babies. lol. We see a ton of scrapbooking baby mini albums out there. They're everywhere! If you have twins however the pickings are slim. So if you are having twins or you know some one that is make a twins mini album. Don't forget journaling is not necessarily required in a layout but it is always good to look back on the facts surrounding the photos and the feelings you had at the time.

Twin Quotes

Be sure to add a twins quote or poem to add a bit of tenderness and fill in a page or two.

Sharing a womb (room lol)

We're here!!

20 fingers and 20 toes



Baby babble

Matching outfits

Like chalk and cheese

Two of a kind

T1 and T2

Like mom and dad

Family + 2

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