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How to Make Altered Jar Gifts

Fill your jar gifts with yummy treats..

Altered Jar Gifts
Altered Jar Gifts

 I decided to alter jars as "teacher gifts" this Christmas.



  1. I first put the jars in the dish washer to make sure they were spotless and deodorized
  2. I then boiled them to get the labels off (this works so much better then glue remover!)
  3. I cut the patterned scrapbook papers to the sizes I liked and glued the pp together with Zip Dry glue.
  4. I then decorated with Stickles. After drying, I glued the paper to the jar with Zip Dry.
  5. Next, I tied ribbon around the neck of the bottle with the decorated tag. On the back of the tag, I wrote to the teacher from my daughter with the year.
  6. I also put paper on the lid and glued ribbon around the side of the lid with glue dots. I also used snowflake brads to the top of the jar.
  7. Finally, I filled each jar with Hershey Kisses for a yummy treat.

Make Altered Jar Gifts

Made By Kimmarie Baker
Wood-Ridge, NJ

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